Did you know that you have, within you, the power to Enhance the Lives of those around you? It’s true. Why? Because . . . YOU are the SALT of the EARTH.

I’m sure you’ve heard this said before as it’s a very common and much repeated verse. But, do you know where it comes from? Or the context from which it’s pulled? Well, I didn’t! Since I feel that being in education makes us SUPER SALTY, I decided to spend some more time marinating on this verse. The Book of Matthew (BTW) is FILLED with so many good nuggets of wisdom. The thing I love most about this book is that it contains the words of Jesus in abundance. Here’s the verse in its entirety :

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” Matthew 5:13


If we really get into what salt is, we can make more sense of this verse. Salt is something that we add to food in order to enhance its flavor. It can be used in both savory & sweet dishes, making it very versatile and highly sought after in the culinary community. This quality of being able to enhance whatever it’s added to is precisely what made salt such a luxury item back in the day. Food was often bland and had little flavor. Just a pinch of salt turned any dish into something comforting and nourishing. Without the use of refrigerators and freezers, meat often went bad. However, through the use of salt, people were able to preserve their meat and store food for longer periods of time. (NOTE: this also meant they were able to preserve and bury the bodies of the dead using salt- yummy!).

In addition to being used as a food enhancer, salt was also used for its medicinal properties. Medic Soldiers often traveled with salt in order to prevent wounds from getting infected before they could get to a medical facility. And I think we’ve all heard of the saltwater gargle for a sore throat. 


Salt is a precious, powerful element provided to us by God. According to this scripture, WE are the Salt of Earth. If we think deeply on this analogy, we can assume that we possess the same properties as Salt. We can enhance, preserve . . . ????? 

These were the words of Jesus, friends. He was trying to express how precious the disciples were to the people they would encounter- how vital their role was to His Kingdom. He was telling them- look- YOU are the Salt of the Earth. YOU possess what people need in me – YOU have the ability to enhance the lives of ANYONE you encounter – YOU can preserve the faith & heal the hearts of people through me. YOU have the power inside you to love and lighten a dark and bland world.


The verse goes on to say that if the salt loses its “saltiness”, it’s no longer good for anything and can just be thrown out and trampled on. Uh- whoa there Jesus . . . This little tid bit wasn’t quite as uplifting as that first sentence (maybe why the first sentence is so popular!!). But the more I read and re-read this part of the verse, the more God spoke to my heart. 

Our saltiness comes from the Lord – it’s not something that we can work for or bring on ourselves. It comes from spending time with Him, learning more about Him, reading His word. Honestly, I can say that I have a hard time with this. Time, sleep, mommin’, workin’, life just get in the way. And I do notice myself becoming more stressed, more cynical, more bitter, less patient, less kind, and definitely less useful to Him, the less time I spend with Him. 

However, I can also attest to the fact that when I do start to spend time with Him and let the scriptures guide my steps, I am in far better state of mind to be loving and giving and patient with those around me. I am far more in tune to the needs of those around me. When I take that time to refuel and amp up my “saltiness”, I am better prepared to go into the world and show the love of Jesus.


Don’t lose your saltiness – don’t let the stress of our jobs, or the chaos of life dry you out. Take some time to refuel with the Lord- spend time with Him, read your Bible, put on some good music, pray for someone else, give. Because, friends, God needs you- He has entrusted us with some of His most precious little people and he is counting on our saltiness to enhance their lives- each in different ways. He has given us the power to be able to serve and love on EVERY PERSON – no matter their background, lifestyle, or little piss ant demeanor. Let us not ever put educating these babies over loving them. Let us not forget that they too are salty, and we are sometimes the only source they will ever have to refuel that quality in them.

SALT : Matthew 5:13

Your job goes far beyond lesson plans and endless to-do lists – it’s much more important than that.

Just like Salt . . . You are a precious, powerful element provided to this world by God.