After LOTS of prayers, suggestions from some valued friends, and my own pull from within, I decided to start a blog! It’s always an ever-changing work in progress, and I am still super new at all the tech-y things it entails, but I’m giving it my all. While it’s not exactly as I want it, it’s good enough! You will see it change and grow as I do, but it’s important to me that you all have ease of access and can find things fast. It’s my prayer that through this blog, you will find some useful tidbits, encouragement in your daily life, as well as grow in your walk with our awesome God!

I spent about 2 months just trying to come up with a name- which was totally exhausting and frustrating. Usually I have zero problem coming up with creative and clever sayings/titles, but for whatever reason this task just took an eternity. Either the name I wanted was already taken, or it just didn’t have any relevance to what I was trying to get across. However, over the course of the months, one thing just kept popping up and making its way back onto my list. I really wanted the title to be scripture rooted, but also be easy to remember. I wasn’t as concerned with people not knowing what it meant because I could easily explain that. It was more important to me that the meaning be a significant reflection of what I think of when I think of God and His BIG, BIG, love . . .

Alas! It took one final slap in the face with the scripture of Luke 6:38:


Luke Fireworks 8

“Give, and it will be given to you.” This is such a valuable lesson that too many Christians let fall to the wayside. GIVE. Of yourself, of your time, of your “stuff”, to the church (could be your local church, could be an overseas ministry, but give to help it GROW), to your family & friends, to complete strangers, and to those that need it. Giving is so vital to a thriving community. Our awesome God gave everything to us, and He expects us to do the same, being a reflection of Him. This scripture in Luke goes on to say that when you DO give, “a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.” WOW! Ummmm- if you’re not getting a pretty significant visual cue here, I’ll help you out. Basically, God is saying, when you give, He will make sure that it is given back to you . . . and then some! Like, a lot of some! And the last part of the scripture “For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Basically . . . DON’T BE STINGY! Give what you have. Do it with an open heart, and open mind, and DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN. Jesus gave of himself freely to us, and we are to do the same. If you are judging people or begrudgingly giving, just forget it. Give happily, freely, lovingly.

This scripture just exemplifies what it means to me to be a Christ follower – in my opinion. We are not called to be judges or condemners, or perfect. We are simply called to love. And when we love, with honest, sincere love, it is only natural to give. We were given the ultimate gift in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Therefore, our lives should be a constant reflection of that gift. We should be walking, breathing, talking, giving machines. When we give selflessly, Jesus shines from us like a “lamp in the darkness”. When you give in unexpected circumstances, His love is magnified and projected even louder.

Finally, I chose the blog title “Shaken Together and Running Over”. This part of Luke 6:38 really is two-fold for me. Being a blended family, we truly are “shaken together” and running ALL over the place! We are a hot mess 90% of the time, but we are a loving hot mess. I love my crazy, blended family with all its ups and downs and in-betweens. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate description, so there it is! You will DEFINITELY get to hear all about my our experiences as a blended family, and I hope that those living the blended life will find solace (and even some humor) from our transparency.

I hope you will enjoy being a part of my journey . . . maybe along the way we will get a hang of this thing called life. Until then . . . let’s enjoy the ride, give of ourselves, and simply LOVE . . .