As a teenager of the 90’s, I felt compelled to write something about us. I feel it noteworthy to applaud and give a boost to this influential and perfectly poised posse. So, to all my fellow 90’s teenagers . . . this one’s for you 🙂

While we spent our childhood doused with 80’s flair, spunk, and outrageous fashion, what we really did during this time was have fun, explore, and ride on the curtails of incredible music and technological advances. We were raised in a time when music was still a quest and we found ourselves captivated by adventure. Our parents grew up in a time of political and national growth and spirituality. They thrived in the light of music and they passed that passion onto us. Not having access to things like “playlists”, we actually listened to full cd’s, and these amazing things called “ALBUMS”. We truly invested in artists and bands and we appreciated music. . . all kinds of music. Classic rock was cool, 80’s punk was the anthem to our childhood, and 90’s grunge . . . well, that was the language of our lives. The world of Christian music took a turn during the 90’s and an entire generation of worship music exploded. We were raised to be free, to pursue our dreams, to be together, and to love . . . love life, love the earth, and love each other. We got to spend our free time EXPERIENCING life and living outside the confines of technology. Rather than being desperately tethered to a tiny little screen that fits too conveniently into our back pockets, we clung to our boombox and our walkman, pouring our hearts out on radio shout outs rather than news feeds filled with fabrications of our “friends”. We actually KNEW all of our friends, and we spent time with them . . . like face to face! We collected our value from those friendships, our accomplishments, and the life we were living, instead of how many “likes” we got on a selfie we re-took 100 times ’til it was “social media worthy”. We were free . . .

In a world that is growing increasingly IN-SANE, we have the opportunity to change things. We’re still too young to throw in the towel and retire, and we are far too old to say “what-evs” to all that’s going on around us. But, we are positioned perfectly to take a stand for all that we are, and all that we believe in. We have the perfect combination of an eclectic youth and a respectable young adult life. As we crash head first into mid-life, we must maintain who we are. We must make our voices heard and stand together to create real change in this entitled, don’t-hurt-my-feelings, all-too-tolerant world we exist in. We ARE the generation of game changers.

Out of our era of wonder, emerged the incredible Christian leaders we see on the stage today. They are rocking heart-touching Christian anthems, speaking to thousands upon thousands of people around the world, leading churches, growing the Body, and leading the charge to a whole new generation of unapologetic Christian youth. We are poised for positions that will make unparalleled decisions for our country. We are raising the youngest of babes on the planet- teaching them compassion, and love, and empowering them to put their faith in Christ, rather than this fallen world. We ARE the generation of game changers.

Perhaps you were born for such a time as this. Esther 4:14

The stage is set, we have been equipped, we are ready, and God is counting on us to come through for Him. We must be the hands and feet of Jesus, even through the messy, crazy, muck of a mess that is our current earth status. We have been perfectly positioned, perfectly seasoned, perfectly sprinkled with the ability to meet people where they are, to LOVE ALL PEOPLE, to appreciate life stories, to change hearts and ignite a fire in our youth. It’s time we take all that we have accrued over the years and stand up. We are filled with knowledge, we are filled with experience, we are filled with compassion . . . We ARE the generation of game changers . . . .