I created this little corner of my blog just for you. I’ve been teaching for 8 years now, and the most resounding thing I hear (and feel for myself) is EXHAUSTION!! Our jobs are straight up work. Werk, werk, werk – ery’day, ery’day, all day.

It’s HARD being a teacher – it’s taxing, trying, and definitely not glamorous. Teachers need all the positive motivation they can get, so I will be adding as much to this little corner as I can. No- not professional development crap or things that will waste more of your time, but real-life stuff that will hopefully make your job easier, lift your spirits, or both! My prayer is that if you’re just beat down or feeling overwhelmed, you will find a short reprieve here.


If you’re looking for inspiration, both spiritual & in your classroom, check out what these pages have to offer!


Know that you are prayed for and that you are not fighting alone. Additionally, if you’re in need of specific prayer for yourself, your job, your kiddos, or your SANITY – feel free to fill out the form below, and you will most certainly be lifted up.┬áKeep up the good fight, take a deep breath – you are bad ass.