I was inspired for this message by my 4 year old, fondly referred to as Princess Klaire in the Miller Casa. Recently, this tiny human taught me a lesson in what it means to hold tight to your crown.

Klaire is a feisty, stubborn little person, but absolutely sweet and precious at the same time. She can spike my blood pressure and melt my heart all in a 5 minute time frame. This chica is obsessed with her dress up costumes. Every single day, she gets dressed to the nines from head to toe- gaudy dress, plastic crown, plastic ear-piercing light-up heels, ghetto mardi gras necklaces, and about 20 of those plastic shape bracelets piled up on her bicep (no, not her wrist . . .her bicep) cutting off most of the circulation to that arm.

In addition to the get-up, she insists on carrying around a nasty, plush purse from her oldest sister, stuffed with life’s necessities (Sophia the First dolls, random tiny pieces of junk, a plastic stethoscope, sunglasses, basically anything she can fit in her “bag”).

At night this is no big deal, we just let her hang out in her “uniform” to her heart’s content. On the weekends, however, it’s becoming more and more of a challenge to get her out of it and dressed to go . . . anywhere! We have definitely been those parents before, bringing their kid to track meets, church, meals out, in full princess attire (by that point we could truly care less). She most certainly has NO QUALMS ABOUT IT- this is who she is, and she is PROUD & CONFIDENT.

One weekend, as we were getting ready for church, Klaire was adamant about wearing said “uniform” to church. As we tried to coax her out of it, she stomped her little foot down, pressed her fists straight to the ground, and said, “Guys, I a pwincess! I need my kwown!”

See, as redonkulous as she is with her get up on, this girl knows who she is. She is a stinkin’ PWINCESS, alright?! Not only does Klaire dress the part, she acts it! She talks with authority, she walks with her chin up, she doesn’t take no for an answer (side note here- she’s the last of 4- she gets away with very little thanks to her predecessors!). As frustrated as I get with her hard-headedness at times, I am so proud of her confidence (and even jealous sometimes). She is demonstrating ALL that we are to God. We ARE sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH. We ARE rightful & righteous heirs to the throne. Klaire BELIEVES with all her heart that she really is a princess, and no one is taking her crown without a fight.

What would it look like if we did that everyday? How would we act? How would we treat people? How would we treat OURSELVES? Now, maybe we don’t set out for our day in the plastic crown/polyester get up that Klaire does, but we are most definitely entitled to ACT IT OUT!

Think about it, God loves us so much that He declares us to be His “beloved Sons & Daughters”. Not ONLY are we royalty, but we are also deeply LOVED by our heavenly Father!! We SHOULD be waltzing around with our crowns perched high, chins up, proud & confident! Just like Klaire, we should be fighting to protect that identity. We shouldn’t be letting ANYONE try to change us or strip us of our RIGHTFUL place.

Yet, so often we are coaxed into believing lies about ourselves. “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not smart enough,” “I’m not pretty enough,” “I’m not rich enough,” “I’m not talented enough,” “I’m too fat,” “I’m too loud,” “I had a bad family,” “I could never do that,” . . . ALL LIES! This world is like a vulture circling and just waiting for you to trip and fall, to take your life and your dreams, and destroy them. We have to FIGHT for our place! We have to stomp our foot down, press our fists to the ground, and stare those lies right in the face, and declare “I AM A PRINCESS, and I NEED MY CROWN!”

So, get your “crown” out from hiding, dust it off, and wear it proudly. You are a treasure, and you need to start acting like it. 🙂

I don’t know where this image came from, so if you made this image please tell me so I can give credit where credit is due! I ADORE this visual – it is a source of motivation for me often. . .