A day off. A day OFF. LOL! Yea right! What do we do on our days off? If you’re a mom like me, you’re in no way OFF. If you’re a parent, a day off is something of whimsy. If you’re not a parent, but still a working adult, then your “day off” is still filled with . . . let’s face it . . . playing catch up.


My day off may or may not look something like this: wake up . . . scratch that . . . GET WOKEN UP, always by two, possibly four probing eyes hovering over me like some kind of drone waiting to attack. Roll out of bed, use the bathroom NOT ALONE (yes I shut the door, but it will absolutely be thrown open by either a child or an animal that feels like while I’m using the bathroom is the BEST time to fix bracelets, show off dances, or pant in my face). My quest for coffee then seems like a journey across the Sahara Desert as I’m being immediately asked questions about breakfast, friends for the day, plans for the day/week/weekend/year to come. With 4 kids the list goes on and on (even the teenagers have some kind of agenda that requires being a parent! LOL!). Keep in mind here, I’ve only been up for 15 minutes. As I walk from bedroom to kitchen, I am immediately struck with the absolute embarrassing state of my home. Dog hair covering every square inch (didn’t I JUST vacuum!?), toys in random places (ouch- yep just stepped on ANOTHER lone Barbie shoe), shoes everywhere, dishes from the night before because, YES, there are some nights I do NOT want to do them and I am perfectly content leaving them there . . . until now!, a peek into the laundry room seals my fate for the “day off” and I am officially “BACK TO WORK- at my 1st job.” As I make a super healthy breakfast of frozen waffles (not on a plate) and berries so I feel half way good about what they’re eating, I pour myself a double cup of coffee and begin my mental to-do list for my DAY OFF!!!


Here’s the reality. . . This is life. Whether or not you have kids doesn’t matter. Life is busy. In most cases, we CHOOSE busy. It is my experience that the more kids you have the busier you are, but hey!, I chose those kids! The flip side is that there’s a lot we can cut out. Of course there are things you have to get done, but there is so much that can just be let go. Something I scratched off my To Do list today: “Take pictures in the bluebonnets”. Call me ANTI-TEXAN, but in the grand scheme of things, if my family or my kids don’t get a super cutsy pic in the bluebonnets this spring, LIFE WILL GO ON! Chronicling every cute moment of my life to show off to the world (when truly no one cares near as much as I do, other than my family) is thankfully finding it’s way to the very bottom, almost falling completely off my To-Do list. Spending that time with my family and friends is something I really have to fight for and am slowly getting better at. But, as I knock off more and more items from my list, the one thing that is at the bottom (and should really be at the very top) is my time with God.


I’ve been taking a prayer class at my church for the past few weeks, and I have learned more in 2 classes than I have in a very long time. Everyone is on a different journey, a different path, but we all need to make time for God. The past 2 times I’ve been, I’ve had different people come to me and say that they feel what they need to tell me is to . . . REST. Not like sleep, take a nap, go to bed earlier, but just being STILL with God. Unless I’m laying in bed watching a movie, I don’t really like to be still. I’m so used to going, going, going, that being still makes me anxious. So, I have to admit, I am TOTALLY guilty of not being still- for anyone, most importantly God. However, He craves this time with us when the distractions of life aren’t smothering us and our attention isn’t being torn in a million directions. That time with God when you are free from technology and life’s distractions and it’s just you and Him is vital in our walk with Him. To hear His voice, to know Him more intimately, to be able to trust Him, comes solely from spending time with Him just being STILL. Why do our kids love and trust us so much? Is it the things we buy for them or the special moments we create for them, or is it the comfort we give them when they are in our arms just sitting there and they know nothing can hurt them? These amazing ladies that spoke TRUTH into my life gave me a few verses to focus on to help me BE STILL:
“Be STILL and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10
This verse is one that most of us have heard frequently, but when you really read it, what does it mean? TRANSLATION: “CHILL OUT- I GOT THIS!” God is capable of handling our situations, our worries, our MESS. You know, that To-Do list I was referring to earlier. He can make it all happen if we will just GIVE HIM OUR TIME! Life will go on, things WON’T fall apart if we forget something or push something aside. When we make time for Him, He makes time for us- helping us muddle through that To-Do list. The other verse:
“The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be STILL.” Exodus 14:14 
God has our backs. He will fight for us, so it’s important to get out of His way! For all you control freaks out there- LET IT GO!! You have to let go and stop worrying about what MIGHT happen if you drop the ball or don’t get it all done. God has promised you that HE can handle it if we’ll just give him some of our time.


So, for my “Day Off” and as many days after, I am going to give some time to God, I’m going to enjoy my kids, and I’m going to not care so much that my house could be a candidate for an episode of Hoarders. I challenge you to do the same, not just on your day off, but everyday. Find some time for just you and Him. BE STILL and enjoy A DAY OFF 🙂
Here’s more from Matthew 6 that I also LOVE:
“So do not worry, saying ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” 
Ain’t that the truth?