I am a t-shirt, jeans, ball cap kind of girl – almost to a fault. (sigh) Besides my old stand-bys, I LOVE to find fun, unique, and inspiring t-shirts. And according to my social media feeds, I’m not the only one! So much for unique- HA! There are SO many little companies and pop up boutiques to choose from, sometimes I don’t know where to go.

With that in mind, I decided to come up with one criteria to help me choose where to spend my hard earned cash. Giving. I started to focus on the companies that ACTUALLY give back, and are playing a part in making a difference. After spending some time perusing their websites and doing a little digging, my list narrowed down quite a bit.

Even though there are many companies I love, these 6 made my heart happy with their demonstration of love and generosity . . . and they all have fabulously easy websites for ordering! Each of them is taking part in amazing give-back efforts, which is why I love to support them in any way I can. With so many apparel companies out there, why not put your money into a company that is putting some good back into this world? Check these guys out!

Started by Kristin Berry, this unique clothing company sells trucker hats, tanks, and t-shirts for kids and adults. If you’re looking for something that not everyone has, go visit Kristin at her shop on Etsy!

This awesome little company has a pretty neat niche for giving back. Here’s what they have to say: “10% of TastySalt™ profits are donated to Outside the BowlIn response to Jesus’ command to feed the hungry, Outside the Bowl is dedicated to eliminating physical and spiritual starvation in impoverished communities by building super kitchens, and working with established community partners to serve hot, nutritious meals to those who need them most.”

Started by an amazing husband and wife team, Hope Outfitters abides by the “Buy 1, Give 100%” rule. Meaning, “for every item you buy, we give 100% of the profit back to the cause.” This incredible business model has positioned this company to give back to numerous non-profits, thus sharing the unconditional love of Christ.

No one tells their story better than them, so check out this link. When you’re done reading their incredible testimony, buy one of their awesome t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, the list goes on . . . Hope Outfitters is one of those companies that you just want to root for- they are organic, and real, and their passion for people is undeniable. Plus, their stuff is stinkin’ cute!

     Founded by Michael Fletcher, Bold Love Apparel offers an array of creative and funky tees and hoodies. In starting up Bold Love, Michael asked this question : ‘what if there was a clothing line that not only inspired people to love unconditionally but also assisted infunding various causes and outreaches?’ In that, the company began, and has since been bringing Bold Love to a world seeming to ooze with fear and darkness.

Recently, I ordered one of their “Speak Love” t-shirts and it came with the most inspiring little note – see below (a signature touch from the ultra hip company). Their outreach efforts are many . . . and their Vision: “We hope to inspire and impact this world to understand the truest love and in turn, love others unconditionally.” Isn’t that just the best?! CHECK THEM OUT!

  I absolutely adore this company! Started in East Texas, this little t-shirt company has exploded over the past couple of years, and it’s no surprise why. 

From their fun, vintage vibe, to their adorable model pics and fabulously worded t-shirts, Ruby’s Rubbish really has something for everyone. I love this line from their “About Us” Page: “From ball games to road trips, the best moments in life happen in our T-Shirts; at Ruby’s Rubbish you’ll find your very best moments, and with a little luck, create some new ones along the way! Isn’t life such a beautiful mess?”

Their give back efforts include the Wounded Warrior Project (one that is near and dear to my heart), and many more. Check out more Rubbish HERE

    Love Your Melon is a super rad non-profit started by 2 college kids in 2012. It’s main goal: to put a hat on every child battling cancer in America. When they far surpassed their own goal, they set out to give $1million to pediatric cancer research. BAM!

 Since then, Love Your Melon continues to give 50% of all profits to Love Your Melon’s nonprofit partners. To learn more about their story, visit their About Us page! With awesome beanies, caps, and apparel to choose from, supporting this organization is a no-brainer . . .

Kerusso has been around for what seems like forever! All the while, on a mission to spread the word of Christ . . . using T-shirts as a vessel. I mean, that’s like my dream job. They call their movement “t-shirt evangelism” and that’s exactly what they provide. They have so many shirts to choose from, each with a unique message and delivery.

My favorite part of their story, is that in 2007 they began partnering with Compassion International. Since my husband and I began sponsoring a child through Compassion in 2015, we have been able to see first-hand what an incredible and legit ministry this is. Kerusso and the “Live For Him” project, “[have] donated over $350,000 to Compassion through the sales of Live For Him products which include Live For Him Red Wristbands, Live For Him T-Shirts, Live For Him Caps and Live For Him Jewelry.”

That about wraps up my Top 6! All of these companies are putting good back into this world. We all buy clothes – why not buy cute, inspirational clothes from companies that are committed to making a difference?